Our management team is structured to promote efficiency in supervising and directing, support our operations, quality assurance systems, recruitment processes and training programs in various geographic regions.

Headquarters Management: Responsible for the all corporate and administrative oversight of our organization, operational management and supervision, such as financial planning and analysis, IT systems development, new restaurant openings, management-level recruitment, centralized procurement and sales & marketing.

Regional Management: Divided into three geographic regions – eastern, northern and southern China including Hong Kong. The regional teams supervise sub-regional management teams, and are supported by groups of management and support personnel (including kitchen management, human resources, accounting and training).

Restaurant Kitchen Management: Our Food Security Department in Shanghai formulates the food standardized operating procedures manual and supervises the implementation. These manuals are issued to our restaurant chefs in each region and restaurant kitchen thereby to ensure the food hygiene and safety consistently. Our Food Security Department and team monitor the quality of food ingredients by suppliers through working closely with our procurement team.


  • Ms. Wang Huimin (王慧敏) - Founder/Chairlady/Executive Director

    - Born for the catering industry; Striving for superior quality.

    - Working on the catering industry for 30 years as a super product manager.

    Founding the Xiao Nan Guo brand in 1987, Ms. Wang Huimin has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the F&B industry. With her unwavering dedication to catering and commitment to high quality, Ms. Wang led TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited to a successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012. With the major development strategy of investing and running brands, the corporation possesses numerous brands and a comprehensive involvement in Chinese food, western food, casual dining and beverages. Consequently the company has accomplished a strategic layout of multi-brands, multi-formats and multi-hierarchies focusing on Chinese diners.

    In 2013, as one of the founders, Ms. Wang established JMU, the biggest online e-commerce platform providing integrated services to suppliers and customers in the catering and hotel industry. JMU has listed on US Nasdaq on June, 2015. Developing supply chain for F&B industry in full swing, Ms. Wang keeps pace with the times to operate brands with entrepreneurship and such mindset as continuous development on supply chain to push integration of industry resources and long-term development of “brand + supply chain” so as to forge the service Group in the direction of comprehensive development.

    Ms. Wang acts as many roles including chairlady & CEO of TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited, chairperson of the WHM Group, co-founder of JMU, one of the board directors of JMU.

    Ms. Wang Huimin is also a member of the CPPCC, the vice president of China Cuisine Association, vice president of China Hotel Association, vice president of World Federation of Chinese catering industry, President of Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association and Rotating presidency of Shanghai Entrepreneur Association.

  • Mr. Sun Yong (孙勇) - Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Sun joined the Group in August 2011 and is a vice president of the Group. Before joining the Group, Mr. Sun is the vice president of Shanghai Kungfu Fast Food Management Co., Ltd. (上海真功夫快餐管理有限公司), beingresponsible for business development. During March 2001 to January 2008, Mr. Sun served various positions at Yum! Brands Inc. China Division, including development manager and development senior manager.


  • Ms. Leung Suet Lun (梁雪綸女士) - Company Secretary

    Ms. Leung Suet Lun, a manager of the Listing Services Department of TMF Hong Kong Limited (a global corporate service provider), has over 10 years of professional experience in legal, company secretarial and tax consulting fields. She is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a practising solicitor of Hong Kong.