Original Brands

  • Shanghai Min was founded in 1987. It insists on offering Shanghai style cuisine and service, which can bring customers the culture of shanghai behind the food when they taste. Now we have almost 70 restaurants around 16 countries in China. Shanghai Min has rapidly grown into a leading brand all over the world.

  • With today’s Shanghai as the main theme, the image of ‘new Shanghai people with new Shanghai cuisine’ has been created by the restaurants’ minimalistic contemporary settings with Chinese accents. The highlights of the restaurant includes a semi-open Shanghai cold dish & dim sum kitchen. The actions at the chef’s table allow guests to experience the culture and delicacy of Shanghai cuisine, making their dining experience a memorable one.

  • Maison de L’HUI is located at Julu Road, the Bund and Sinan Mansions. Three restaurants are all at fashionable places with long history and abundant stories, conveying his mystery and charm. It invited worldly famous designers to create a exquisite, comfortable and unique dining environment. The architecture is of Shanghai style and fashion. Maison de L’HUI keeps improving the quality of ingredients and craftsmanship. It provides consumers with intimate butler service.

Introduced Brands

  • Oreno select the best ingredients and offer affordable prices. The French and Italian style Michelin-star cuisine is sure to impress. Introducing Oreno to China, TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited. is committed to bringing top quality food with approachable prices to more consumers. By cutting the price to one third that of a typical high-class restaurant, Oreno hopes to revolutionize the food and beverage industry.

  • July 2015 saw the spectacular arrival of the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at No. 16, 181 Taicang Road in Shanghai Xintiandi's North Block, putting a new spin on the allure of American cuisine。 This partnership with Wolfgang Puck is another key move in TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited era of brand management and is a perfect interpretation of its "Enjoy food, enjoy life" philosophy.

  • Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd. creates new culinary culture through integrating service concept of food and beverage, aimed to become a leading company in the restaurant and catering industry. It devotes to making every customer happy, satisfied, comfortable and energetic. Doutor insists on the highest quality, genuine and making exciting delicacy. In 2017, TANSH imported Doutor into China.

Acquired Brands

  • HK Mai Chi Ling is an authentic Hong Kong-style milk tea chain brand of TANSH Global Food Group, popular with consumers by signature pantyhose milk tea in Hong Kong. As a representative of the Hong Kong-style milk tea brand, HK Mai Chi Ling developed around the nation. So far, there are about 400 stores nationally, hoping to make more people enjoy the flavor of Hong Kong.

More brands are going to be added